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Every investment company struggles to find good opportunities . Even if there is plenty of capital, there is no guarantee that there will be a viable investment opportunity to invest it and to make a profitable return. When aligning with TREG, you are aligning with opportunities that have been earned and continue to arise through TREG's network of friends, family and businesses. These opportunities are rare, unique and lucrative. We are glad that we are in a position to share them with you.
Through our network of team members on the ground, we are able to amplify your access and exposure to opportunities where other investment companies lack direct access and work through a series of partners and middle men, each taking a cut of the final percentage. Early on we understood that this was not a model we wanted to work with; so we strategized and put our efforts diligently into developing a proprietary working model. We have successfully achieved our goals and execute on our investments ourselves, maximizing returns.
Our simplified, streamlined investment model is the key to our process and is part of the transparency we offer to our partners and clients. We work through all of the proper channels of our extensive communication network and align with our integrated teams to execute swiftly, efficiently and effectively.

Who we are

Established in 1993, TREG has been a family run brokerage and investment company which with its decades of knowledge and experience has become a finely tuned vessel of knowledge and expertise that ensure successful endeavors for both the company and its clients. With clients and partners that span across the globe TREG takes pride in the fact that we have been part of the development of various cities and communities. Our investments and projects range from land banking and development, community developments, government backed projects, residential properties and all other asset classes that pertain to land and property.

Along with TREG’s expertise in the real estate and land development sector we are also involved in farmland and new sustainable methods of farming. As a company with several decades of experience we appreciate the importance of sustainability and a brighter future. That is why we have partnered up with some promising new companies which offer sustainable, cost and space-efficient methods of farming which should revolutionise the industry and bring an end to food shortages. With the rise of consumerism we are seeing a toll being taken on our natural resources and we believe with these new methods we can slow down or even eliminate the damage we are causing to our lands.

TREG is first and foremost a family run company which is built on the bases of Trust, Leadership and Accountability. These are qualities we live by and make sure are emanated in the way we do business and is the reason we are still around today.