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Canada is home to the fifth largest construction market in the world. Toronto boasts to have the most construction cranes than any other city in North America. Quite simply put, Toronto is now considered to be the next London, Paris and New York when it comes to real estate development and foreign investment.
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The United Kingdom has always been considered to be the one of the most prestigious and lucrative real estate havens. Over the past 20 years, TREG has made a real estate presence by successfully completing over one hundred projects. Continuing its significant achievements in London, TREG is still very active with 7 real estate projects under management.

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Market Identification
We identify early oppoortunities in emerging markets that are poised for growth. This includes acquiring land parcels in zip codes that are ripe for increased density, transit expansion and other urban intensification initiatives.
Property Acquisition
We have a clearly defined acquisition criterion along with deep industry relationship with lenders, engineers, architects, builders and other real estate professionals that give us access to propretary deal flow.
End to End Expertise
We have a holistic approach to the development life cycle of all projects we acquire. This includes leveraging strategic partnerships with industry leaders that help de-risk our projects and meet delivery deadlines.
Shareholder Alignment
We take an investor 1st approach with a clear commitment to transparency in all aspects of our operations. Management invests alongside investors to ensure the alignment of interests.

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